Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blood Work Results from July 7, 2010

Blood Work Results from July 7, 2010
Here are the most recent results, if you are interested. 
2nd Biopsy 6/25/10:
Same as the 1st - consistent with Dermatamyositis.
Blood Work Results from 7/7/10:
Liver                                                      Great
Protein/i.e. Blood Cancer             Great
Thyroid                                                Great
Blood Count                                       Great
These results are good because more progressed forms of dermatomyositis show the liver failing and blood affected.
This is good news!
Creatine Kinase
Typical for the tired/exhausted feeling and an increased count is very typical among dermatomyositis.  
This test is often used to track the progress of the disease.
This came back elevated = in the high range
This explains why I often feel exhausted.
ANA = Antinuclear Antibodies Panel
A non-specific auto-immune marker (i.e. indicates whether an auto-immune disease is active in your system). 
This test will come back positive for a number of auto-immune diseases, like the 3 types of myositis, lupus, muscular dystrophy, etc.
My results came back very high/positive.
Negative is less than 1:40
My count is 1:320
Anti-Jo Panel
This is a specific dermatomyositis marker.
These test results should be back any day now. 
We assume this is going to be positive, due to the bodily symptoms, Creatine Kinase & ANA results, and Gottron’s Papules on my hands.
I meet with the rheumatologist next week to do more blood work, schedule body screenings, among other tests to check to make sure that I haven’t developed cancer anywhere and to determine how progressed the disease is in my body – in terms of muscle weakness, etc.  We will also be beginning to discuss my treatment options.
Keep you posted! 

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