Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Happy August!

Just checking in to share some updates so that my next post doesn’t take an hour to read through.

I’m scheduled for my 4th 2-round Rituxan infusion on August 16th and August 30th!

I have been having the most active summer in 10 YEARS thanks to this drug and couldn’t be more thankful. A little bummed that I might miss a few days of golf due to the recovery process 😉, but wouldn’t be golfing at all had I not been able to start getting this life-changing drug. So incredibly grateful. 

I’m also scheduled to have shoulder surgery in October, once the infusion has settled in and I’m able to get in a little more golf before the season ends (assuming I make it that long).

I can’t remember if I ever shared that I dislocated my shoulder last September while stretching. I’m hyper-mobile, so this isn’t something that hasn’t happened before; but what is new is that I tore the labrum and it needs a little stitch or two along with some anchors to help the shoulder become more stable.

I’m a little anxious about the healing process (immune suppressants tend to slow/interfere with the healing process), but I’m awaiting further instruction from my rheumatologist on medication, etc.
Mostly excited about being able to use my left arm again!

That’s all for now!
I hope that you’re having a wonderful summer and will update after my infusions in a few weeks!