Monday, December 14, 2015

Round Two - DING!

It’s been two weeks since my last infusion, and tomorrow I will receive my second round. 
Everything went well the first time. I didn’t die, so that’s a plus, I did wake up about every hour that night just to be sure I was still here.

The infusion lasted exactly 5 hours. I was hopped up on Benadryl and Prednisone, so I could hardly keep my eyes open yet couldn’t fall asleep. I was home and in bed that afternoon and slept for 2 days! Other than being sleepy, I haven’t really felt any better or worse in the past couple of weeks (with the myositis – i.e. weakness, exhaustion), which is just fine. After my second infusion tomorrow I will start to anxiously await feeling any improvement. 

Since the infusion though, I think that my fibro has been flared, which is annoying. I haven’t really had to deal with any fibro stuff since the myositis flare started. I am super forgetful and have pain in my joints from it – I’m scatter-brained and am having a really hard time putting this post together, which is unlike me. I have a feeling that I brought it on myself by over indulging in some foods that have been known to trigger inflammation (i.e. sugar, cheese, tomatoes).
Once I get rolling out of the current myositis flare, I am really going to dive into working on incorporating some of the autoimmune protocol into my diet (more on this later)… if you can’t wait until “later” click here.

Tomorrow the infusion will only be 4 hours, so I’ll be home and in bed by lunchtime. I’m really hoping that tomorrow is the day where this all starts to turn around.
I can’t thank you enough for supporting me through this. Hopefully this will soon be just a memory. Even though I can’t remember what I am supposed to be doing from moment to moment, I have truly appreciated the prayers, FB notes, calls, texts, emails and surprises (both me and my pups have received some really sweet treats from secret admirers that were a very unexpected surprise that we all loved)! 
Once my head is screwed back on straight, I promise that I will return messages and get my sh#t back together to properly thank you all.

Wish me luck tomorrow – I hope that this round goes just as well as the first.