Monday, May 14, 2018

WOW! Let's raise even more!

Holy Cow! 😁
$535 for Myositis awareness, research and the fight for more supportive legislation!

I am so blown away by the support from my friends.
I would love it if we could keep growing this number even more! 

Myositis Support & Understanding Group also helps to financially support families that cannot afford the treatment that is needed to keep their Myositis fighter alive.

The more we can contribute, the more myositis patients can have a chance to live the life that I have been blessed to live after finding the right treatment that works for me (which took 6 [very expensive] years).

Perhaps I can entice you with these fashionable rubber Myositis Awareness bracelets! 😄
One for every donor!


Click here to donate! 
Happy Monday friends! Thank you for your support!

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