Friday, April 6, 2018

April Check-In

Infusions are done. I’m exhausted.
These past two were a little rough, but I made it and now gladly on my way to feeling great again for 6 months!

Infusion #1 broke me down. My veins weren’t cooperating and my main nurse was passive aggressive and frankly just awful. The stress was just too much. I cried. Recovery was just a few days of resting.

Infusion #2 was much better, although the recovery has been more than I’m used to. I’m on day 18 post infusion and still feeling like I was hit by a train. Like in Ghostbusters II when the ghost train drives through Winston. That’s how I think I feel. Haaha. (click here if you don't remember that scene šŸ˜„)

So, now I’m good until end of September. Then, I’ll be on track for infusions in April and October, avoiding summer completely! Hooray!

Waiting 7 months instead of 6 was tough. The Rituxan really started to wear off at just past the 6 month mark and I was really fighting through exhaustion. I’m thankful that I didn’t flare (although you should see my hands right now!) and I’m glad that I won't need to do that again!

Now summer can be for me! Golf, gardening and all the things that we Minnesotans do when we emerge from hibernation time!

I have had a few additional tests/findings that I will save for a separate post. One of those findings has me holding off on Azathioprine/Imuran until further notice, which could be a reason for some additional fatigue.
I hope that by the next time you hear from me, I won’t be fighting falling asleep while typing!

Happy Spring!