Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hello 2012

With each new year, there is the feeling of starting fresh, saying goodbye to the year past.  Although I am incredibly grateful for 2011, I was excited to welcome 2012.  
They say that your mind forgets pain; I believe this.  It is hard to imagine where I was a year ago today.  Although I still have days that are more difficult than others, it cannot compare to going through those days in the dark; not knowing what was wrong or what to do.  I still get a feeling of panic when I feel pain, or aches; but I know what they are, and that eventually, they will pass.  
I left 2011 trying to begin a new drug called Plaquinel, that would be less aggressive on my body, and allow me to take [possibly] during pregnancy.  There were a few stages of side effects that I needed to pass to know if it was for me.  Unfortunately it wasn’t, so on to plan B. 
People have been known to have taken Methotrexate (MTX - the drug that I currently use to control my DM) for upwards of 20 years.  The only problem that I note to my doctor is, that only gets me to 50; what am I going to do for the rest of my life?  Although there are not any other promising leads for new drugs to treat a myositis on the horizon, it has only been about 20 years since doctors began prescribing MTX to patients with auto-immune diseases.  Those 20 year MTX patients will continue to be documented as they add years to their original 20 - and I can follow that as I work on my 20.  If there’s a problem post-20, then we’ll deal with that later; sort of a “so-far-so-good” theory.  Works for me; especially since I don’t have any other options.  
I have switched to a lower, oral dosage of MTX (I was starting to have serious injection-anxiety).  I was on the equivalent of 10 pills via injection; now I am on 6. We will monitor my levels as I attempt to “maintain” on a lower dose.  If my levels look okay, we’ll move down to 4 pills.  Hopefully I can maintain my levels at this incredibly low dose for two reasons.  Firstly, because it will [hopefully] be easier on my body long-term.  Second, so that if we want to try to have a baby and I need to stop taking MTX all together, it hopefully wouldn’t be such a jolt to my system.  If I did get sick again while off the MTX, at least we know that a 1mL weekly injection should get me healthy and feeling good in time.  
It’s scary, but we’ll just have to cross that bridge when we get there.  For now, I am just adjusting to the medication change and continuing to work on managing the fibro.  One thing at a time!  
Good news with my little Pronto Puppy, his counts are were good, so he got to reduce his dosage of medication, too!  Still running around the house like a pup!  I am feeling good about 2012 as it has gotten off to a good start with a healthy and happy little family!
Much love to you and yours in the New Year!

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