Friday, May 20, 2011

Med Update...

Hi there, 

In the attempt to write when news happens as opposed to writing my life story each blog... here are some quick med updates. 

I can't sleep and I ditched the IUD because it was the most awful thing EVER.  

So, I'm increasing the Neurontin dosage to 300 mg a day, a week after upping to 200 mg.  I'm also going back to 50 mg of Trazadone and BC.  A little bummed that I'm adding medications back...but at this point, I just want to frickin' sleep at night and with the IUD, I honestly thought that I was going to die. 

I'm waking up because I'm in pain, which is annoying since then I can't get comfortable to just fall back asleep.  This is all in relation to removing the 3 times daily painkillers from my regimen.  So, we try to take more of the drugs that are focused on reducing nerve pain versus masking pain. 

I actually slept last night on 200 mg of Neurontin and no Trazadone; so I need to call my Doc back today to discuss!  I know that she wants to get me up to as much Neurontin as I can handle, but I think that I want to get comfortable on one dosage first...

I have to look all of this up... why was I ditching the Trazadone in the first place?  Okay, checked it out - I stopped taking it because I thought it wasn't working.  Ah crap.  I need to call my Doctor back.  More on all of this later!  

Side note:  if you ever find yourself faced with a medical ordeal, make sure to keep everything in a 3-Ring Binder.  Seriously, everything.  Even if your doctors are all at the same hospital - they may not have gotten all of your test results entered into the system, etc.  It's so helpful to have all records with you at these critical appointments.  This was great advice to me when all of this started.  


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